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Sony Vaio Dlna Software Download


Sony Vaio Dlna Software Download --

















































Sony Vaio Dlna Software Download



Follow the instructions displayed in the installation wizard. Available Downloads:VAIO Media Plus Update version name: EP0000266681.exeFile size: 67.4 MB (70,701,056 bytes) Terms & Conditions I have agreed with the Terms & ConditionsPlease agree with the Terms & Conditions Download and Operation Instructions File Description Date Version Size Download 1.VAIO Media Plus Update version 20 Apr 2012 67.00 MB Download Applicable Models VGC-JS15G, VGC-JS15S, VGC-JS15T, VGC-JS25G, VGC-JS25S, VGC-JS25T, VGC-JS35GJ, VGC-JS35SJ, VGC-JS35TJ, VGC-LV17G, VGC-LV27GJ, VGN-AW15G, VGN-AW17GU, VGN-AW25GJ, VGN-AW27GY, VGN-AW35GJ, VGN-AW37GY, VGN-CS12GH, VGN-CS13G, VGN-CS13M, VGN-CS13S, VGN-CS13T, VGN-CS14G, VGN-CS15GN, VGN-CS16G, VGN-CS16M, VGN-CS16S, VGN-CS16T, VGN-CS17G, VGN-CS18GN, VGN-CS21GN, VGN-CS22GH, VGN-CS23G, VGN-CS23S, VGN-CS23T, VGN-CS24GH, VGN-CS25GN, VGN-CS26G, VGN-CS26M, VGN-CS26S, VGN-CS26T, VGN-CS27GJ, VGN-CS28GD, VGN-CS31GN, VGN-CS32GH, VGN-CS32SH, VGN-CS33G, VGN-CS33M, VGN-CS33S, VGN-CS33T, VGN-CS34GH, VGN-CS35GN, VGN-CS36GJ, VGN-CS36MJ, VGN-CS36SJ, VGN-CS36TJ, VGN-CS37GH, VGN-CS38GD, VGN-CS3AGH, VGN-FW12G, VGN-FW12M, VGN-FW13GU, VGN-FW15G, VGN-FW15S, VGN-FW15T, VGN-FW16G, VGN-FW17GU, VGN-FW17T, VGN-FW23G, VGN-FW25G, VGN-FW25M, VGN-FW25S, VGN-FW25T, VGN-FW26G, VGN-FW26T, VGN-FW27GU, VGN-FW27T, VGN-FW33G, VGN-FW35G, VGN-FW35M, VGN-FW35TJ, VGN-FW36GJ, VGN-FW36SJ, VGN-FW36TJ, VGN-FW37GY, VGN-FW43G, VGN-FW45GJ, VGN-FW45MJ, VGN-FW45TJ, VGN-FW46GJ, VGN-FW46SJ, VGN-FW47GY, VGN-NR363, VGN-NR37G, VGN-NR38GN, VGN-NS15G, VGN-NS25G, VGN-NW13GH, VGN-NW15G, VGN-NW17GJ, VGN-P13GH, VGN-P13TH, VGN-P15G, VGN-P15T, VGN-P23G, VGN-P23T, VGN-P25G, VGN-P25T, VGN-SR12G, VGN-SR13GN, VGN-SR13MN, VGN-SR15G, VGN-SR15SN, VGN-SR15T, VGN-SR16GN, VGN-SR16TN, VGN-SR17SN, VGN-SR25G, VGN-SR25M, VGN-SR25S, VGN-SR25T, VGN-SR26GN, VGN-SR26MN, VGN-SR27SN, VGN-SR27TN, VGN-SR35G, VGN-SR35M, VGN-SR35T, VGN-SR36GN, VGN-SR36MN, VGN-SR36SN, VGN-SR37TN, VGN-SR43G, VGN-SR43S, VGN-SR43T, VGN-SR45G, VGN-SR45M, VGN-SR45T, VGN-SR46GD, VGN-SR46MD, VGN-SR46SD, VGN-SR46TD, VGN-TT15GN, VGN-TT15SN, VGN-TT15TN, VGN-TT16GN, VGN-TT16MN, VGN-TT16SN, VGN-TT16TN, VGN-TT17GN, VGN-TT25GN, VGN-TT25SN, VGN-TT25TN, VGN-TT26GN, VGN-TT26MN, VGN-TT26SN, VGN-TT26TN, VGN-TT27GD, VGN-TT35GN, VGN-TT36GD, VGN-TT36MD, VGN-Z12GN, VGN-Z12MN, VGN-Z13GN, VGN-Z15TN, VGN-Z16GN, VGN-Z16SN, VGN-Z16TN, VGN-Z17GN, VGN-Z25TN, VGN-Z26GN, VGN-Z26MN, VGN-Z26SN, VGN-Z26TN, VGN-Z27GN, VGN-Z27TN, VGN-Z35TN, VGN-Z36GD, VGN-Z36MD, VGN-Z36SD, VGN-Z36TD, VGN-Z37GD, VGN-Z45GD, VGN-Z45TD, VGN-Z46GD, VGN-Z46MD, VGN-Z46SD, VGN-Z46TD, VGN-Z47GD, VGN-Z48GD, VGN-Z48TD, VGX-TP3G, VGX-TP3T, VGX-TP4G, VPCW115XA, VPCW115XG, VPCW115XH, VPCW115XW 1. Just set the phone to connect your WiFi network (router with WiFi). Typically, these will already be set to Shown which just means these connections will be displayed in the other menu selections for choosing your media to view. This will help if you installed a wrong driver.Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer. Click the Cancel button or proceed to set up a Homegroup. Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs' started by theraq, Aug 3, 2009. Also so you can upload new firmware on the TV in the DLNA. If using a computer with Windows 8/ 8.1, please click on the following link: Stream pictures, video, and music using Play If using a computer with Windows 7 operating system and Windows Media Player 12, please click on the following link: Getting started with media streaming If using a computer with Windows Vista operating system and Windows Media Player 11, please click on the following link: Share your media in Windows Media Player with other people or devices Turn on the TV.Press the HOME button.Use the left arrow or right arrow to select Settings Network Home Network Setup.Select Remote Device / Renderer Remote Device List. Step by step guide Make sure that a Network Setup has been set up properly.


Before Connecting Not all Sony TVs are supplied with DLNA capability. If anyone knows of any DNLA software that will allow HD video files to show on the Sony I would be grateful iancandler, Sep 28, 2009 Sep 28, 2009 at 6:13 PM Joe76000, Sep 28, 2009 #13 Joe76000 Standard Member Joined: Aug 15, 2009 Messages: 65 Products Owned: 0 Products Wanted: 0 Trophy Points: 8 Ratings: +24 Hello, You should find your answer(s) to your question(s), at least for Sony, in the following thread "Bravia W5500 DLNA compatibility" on this forum: Hope this will help. Important: If you are starting the software for the first time, choose Easy Setup and continue with step 4. Read More and youve developed a huge collection of movies on your computer, or an external hard drive, now you can stream those right to your TV. With this setup, you actually dont need to own a DVD player, because you can just stream DVD movies right from your computer to your Sony media player or TV. One of the most common methods to stream media from the Internet to a television set is through the use of a large family of Sony media player or streaming products.One of the most common products is the Sony Network Media Player. Learn More.

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